Privacy – The Basics

You own the data in your account (dashboard)

As a customer of SpotOn, you own what you do and store within your dashboard. The data of your customers is private. Therefore, make sure you provide your account with a strong password to prevent unauthorized access. This is even more important when you export the saved data. Make sure you secure this file (eg with a password). SpotOn is not liable for the way its customers handle these files. If you do not comply with the new AVG legislation, you risk a fine of 2-4% of your total worldwide turnover up to a maximum of € 20,000,000.

SpotOn does not provide information from the dashboard to other parties.

SpotOn provides the hardware and software with security.

The hardware and software are protected by SpotOn. Hardware updates are automatically installed remotely if the hardware has a working internet connection.

Login and own data

SpotOn customers are responsible for the login details that provide access to the dashboard. As well as the data that you as a customer import into the dashboard.


Under the GDPR legislation in the EU you can exercise the following rights:

Right to access stored data.

Find out what information is stored and request a printout of this information. The owner of the WiFi used has access to this data. They can also delete this data.

Right to erasure.

The owner of the WiFi used can delete your data. You can also submit this request to us via our unsubscribe tool.

Right to object.

You can object to the use of your personal information and request that it be deleted. Contact the owner of the WiFi that you have used or submit a request yourself to remove your data via our unsubscribe tool.

Right to transfer data.

Request a printout of the data stored so that you can send this information to another organization.

Right to restriction of use.

You can request that we stop using personal information that is no longer used, inaccurate or used for unlawful purposes.

View and/or delete data

If you want to know what is stored about you or if you want to have your data deleted, please contact the owner of the WiFi you used. They can show and/or delete the stored data directly at your profile.

You can also unsubscribe via our special unsubscribe tool. We will then permanently delete your data within two weeks.

If you suspect that a child under the age of 16 has provided data to SpotOn customers, we request that the parent(s) or guardian immediately contact the relevant company where this happened. They will immediately delete the data. SpotOn can also be contacted. The data will then be permanently deleted immediately.

Data storage and processing

Social Media Profile

To use SpotOn's Social WiFi, you can log in with your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google Plus). SpotOn collects the general information from your profile here. Before you log in via social media, you will also receive the specification of the data that is stored from the social media platform itself (for example Instagram).

E-mail address

SpotOn's Social WiFi can also be used by logging in with an email address. What is stored depends on the data you leave behind (first and last name, gender, date of birth, country and e-mail address).

Device Details

When you connect to SpotOn's Social WiFi, certain information is stored about the device you connect to. These are necessary to enable communication between the WiFi and the device. For example, we register the MAC address of the device you use to log in. Information about the operating system is also stored (e.g. Android, iOS, Windows), how often the device has connected to the respective WiFi and when this was last done. Do you want us to delete your data (profile)? Please contact the owner of the WiFi that you have used. They can delete your data immediately. You can also submit a request to us via our unsubscribe tool


SpotOn WiFi can be used with the following platforms:

FacebookGoogle PlusInstagramTwitterEmail Address

Depending on the platform used to log in, the following data may be stored.

Social media profile; public dataFirst and last nameDate of birthGenderCityEmail addressPostal codeCountryMAC addressOperating system versionTime and date of connection to the respective network

Purposes of use of data

You can find out here what purposes your data is used by (customers of) SpotOn.

Enabling the Social WiFi connection. For sending information to customers of SpotOn (eg newsletters, promotions and (update) news). If you no longer wish to receive these e-mails, there is a link at the bottom of each e-mail with which you can unsubscribe from the e-mails from SpotOn. For improving and securing the SpotOn service. experience of the services of SpotOn. The stored data can be used by customers of SpotOn for sending offers in the form of coupons, sending e-mails and customer analysis(s). The extent to which this data is used for e-mails, for example, depends on the customer of SpotOn. They manage the data themselves as well as the extent to which they are used. SpotOn takes appropriate measures (technical and organizational) to protect your data against unauthorized use and loss. SpotOn has access to the accounts (dashboards) and the routers (CloudSpot, Hybrid and ReSpot) from its customers. This access is only used internally and is intended to help SpotOn customers with (technical) problems and questions. The data contained in the dashboard (customers of customers) is not used by SpotOn. Changing the settings within the account is only done with the permission of the administrator of the respective account. Access to the hardware is required to ensure the safety. SpotOn keeps security up-to-date by providing updates. When the hardware is reset, the software is also erased and SpotOn can no longer manage it. I.e. that the security of the hardware is no longer guaranteed and the Social WiFi will no longer work.

(internal) adjustments

The new AVG legislation, which takes effect on May 25, 2018, has ensured that we have made (internal) adjustments to our product. Under the guise of transparency, we share the most relevant changes for our customers.

As a customer, you are responsible for having a processing agreement signed by, in this case, SpotOn. We understand that preparing such a document can be difficult and very time-consuming and therefore have this document ready for you! As a customer of SpotOn you will soon receive an e-mail with the request to check it and sign it digitally. As soon as both parties have made their scribbles, they will receive the digitally signed document at the same time. This saves you a lot of work! Active dashboard sessions will be disconnected faster when inactive. This is to prevent unauthorized use. Without the user's permission, the connection to a SpotOn Social WiFi network will not be possible. If this permission is given, it will be stored to demonstrate this, as prescribed in the new legislation. Internal awareness of the new legislation. Everyone at SpotOn is aware of the (new) privacy rules. Customers and customers of customers can contact SpotOn to request data and can delete it themselves with the new unsubscribe tool.

SpotOn customers can access their customers' data via their Dashboard. An export and/or a screenshot of the relevant profile can be shown to his/her customers by SpotOn customers. It is now also possible for SpotOn customers to delete this data themselves, from the Dashboard. The policy regarding customer data has been tightened and become stricter for staff. This includes working from home and the use of USB sticks. Unsubscribing from emails from the dashboard has been made easier and is offered in every email sent from the dashboard of a SpotOn customer. SpotOn has all its customers informed by e-mail about the changes to the GDPR legislation. The website has also been updated with AVG relevant information for both SpotOn customers and customers-of-customers of SpotOn.

Security printout data (export)

In the dashboard of SpotOn you have the option to make a printout (export) of this data. When you do this, it will be saved as a CSV file on the device you're currently working on. This also means that you will have to protect this file yourself with, for example, a password. You can open this file with Microsoft Excel or a similar program. You can easily and quickly arrange security in Microsoft Excel:

Click on 'File' and then on 'Info'.

Go to 'Protect workbook' and then 'Encrypt with password'.

Enter a password and press 'OK'.

Save the file again and your customer file can only be opened with the corresponding password from now on.

Are you using another program and/or can't you figure it out? Please contact us. We are happy to help you secure your customer base(s)!