You can find out here what purposes your data is used by (customers of) SpotOn:

  • Enabling the Social WiFi connection.

  • To send information to SpotOn customers (e.g. newsletters, promotions and (update) news). If you no longer wish to receive these e-mails, there is a link at the bottom of each e-mail with which you can unsubscribe from the e-mails from SpotOn.

  • To improve and secure the SpotOn service.

  • To improve the experience of SpotOn's services.

  • The stored data can be used by SpotOn customers for sending offers in the form of coupons, sending emails and customer analysis(s). The extent to which this data is used for e-mails, for example, depends on the customer of SpotOn. They themselves manage the data as well as the extent to which it is used.

  • SpotOn takes appropriate measures (technical and organizational) to protect your data against unauthorized use and loss.

  • SpotOn has access to the accounts (dashboards) and the routers (CloudSpot, Hybrid and ReSpot) of its customers. This access is only used internally and is intended to help SpotOn customers with (technical) problems and questions. The data contained in the dashboard (customers of customers) is not used by SpotOn. Changing the settings within the account is only done with the permission of the administrator of the respective account. Access to the hardware is required to ensure the safety. SpotOn keeps security up-to-date by providing updates. When the hardware is reset, the software is also erased and SpotOn can no longer manage it. I.e. that the security of the hardware is no longer guaranteed and the Social WiFi will no longer work.