You own the data in your account (dashboard)

As a customer of SpotOn, you own what you do and store within your dashboard. The data of your customers is private. Therefore, make sure you provide your account with a strong password to prevent unauthorized access. This is even more important when you export the saved data. Make sure you secure this file (eg with a password). SpotOn is not liable for the way its customers handle these files. If you do not comply with the new AVG legislation, you risk a fine of 2-4% of your total worldwide turnover up to a maximum of € 20,000,000.

SpotOn does not provide information from the dashboard to other parties.

SpotOn provides the hardware and software with security

The hardware and software are protected by SpotOn. Hardware updates are automatically installed remotely if the hardware is equipped with a working internet connection.

Login and own data

SpotOn customers are responsible for the login details that provide access to the dashboard. As well as the data that you as a customer import into the dashboard.