If suddenly not only you, but everyone in your country can read how bad your service is, how do you limit the damage? In this masterclass you will learn how to deal with negative reviews, convert them into positivity and how to turn fans into micro-influencers.

Identify the guest

  • Who writes the review?

  • When did the guest visit you?

  • Do you or your staff recognize the incident?

  • Has the problem in the workplace been solved?

  • What is the influence of this guest online?

Respond within 24 hours

Especially online, responding is a must! Respond succinctly, take responsibility, apologize, and solve the problem. Always end your comment on a positive note. If further dialogue is necessary, do not enter into it 'en public', but 'behind the scenes'.

How do you react?

At all times: relax, take a deep breath and think before you start. Don't try to win the argument, you can't win. The customer is always right. Your goal is to show the Dutch reading that your customer service is indeed excellent. Be authentic in your response: Standard messages leave a worse impression than not responding at all.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips:

Do not repeat the essence of the complaint in your response, use relevant keywords (keywords) in your answer, name your USP again, claim your company on relevant review sites and make sure your data is up to date. date.


What is an appropriate compensation? Handle retaliation with care. After all, you don't want to give the impression that it pays to complain. Also keep in mind that the cost of compensation does not outweigh the loss of a customer and potential new customers. It is advisable to invite your guest again so that they can experience your service again.

Turn feedback into action points

Report the incident internally to the involved department(s) and colleague(s). So not via WhatsApp or email. Discuss it, for example, in a morning meeting in which you go through the highlights of the previous day, and still play it internally. Feedback like this is less relevant in a monthly team meeting. Action is required, because you obviously don't want the incident to become a habit.

Show the world you rock

Have you made any actual improvements based on the guest feedback? Great, let the world know! Assume that (potential) guests always check Facebook to see if things are 'true'. Let it be known on your website or social media that you have trained staff on customer-friendliness, hired a new chef, started using other products in your salon or turned down the music. Did you solve the problem offline? Reply to the review with “Thanks again for bringing it to our attention.... We're glad we just sorted it out with you over the phone!”

Share the love

Nice, all those praising words and compliments! It's nice that subtle and useful information about your company, product or service is finally being noticed. Use these bright spots for your own marketing. Shared love with your employees, on social media and on your website. Plus points for the smart guy who asks the author of the message for permission. You give them extra appreciation and show that their opinion matters.

Frankwatching.com tells us that a definitive turnaround will take place in 2018: all online marketing communications must be authentic. A realistic representation of reality will be rewarded with appreciation from the user. With a refined, relevant strategy you can make the connection between influencer and target group work in your favor