The review showcase is a widget that you can place on your site where you can show good reviews to the visitors of your site. You can personalize the review widget to your own taste. You can choose from: color, size, language, date and minimum score.

The reviews that are shown are from the review sites you entered under review boost.

Set color:

You have 3 different themes to set: light, dark and mixed. (See the screenshot below for the differences)

Set size:

To set the size of the widget, you can choose from: Wide widget or Narrow widget. (See the screenshot below for the differences).

Set language:

You can choose from 2 different languages ​​for the reviews. You can show the reviews in Dutch and in English.

Set date:

You can also set a from date, which means that reviews will only be shown after the selected date.

Set minimum score:

You can choose to show reviews from a certain rating. You can select from 10 points to 100 points. Every 10 points equals half a star. For example, if you enter 70, only reviews with 3.5 stars or more will be shown.

To place the widget on your website:

Code is used to place the widget on your website. You can add this code to one or more pages of your website. If you have little experience with this yourself, it is wise to ask the administrator of the website to help.

If you have any questions, you can always click on the orange chat bubble at the bottom right of the dashboard to start a live chat with us and we will help you further.