In the voucher marketing module you can choose from three coupons: the normal voucher, the birthday voucher and the instant voucher. All three offer great options with which you can let your guests to your business.

The normal voucher will be sent when you click send. You choose who you want to send the coupon to and how long it is valid for. You can use the normal voucher for all kinds of promotions/discounts, which makes guests want to come back and you realize more turnover. Guests will receive this voucher in their mailbox.

The birthday voucher voucher is automatically sent to his or her email before a guest's birthday. You can set yourself how far in advance this will be sent. This mail contains a nice promotion that you would like to give your birthday guest.

The instant voucher will be sent to the guest immediately after logging into the WiFi. This way you reward your guest for logging into your WiFi network.

After sending a normal voucher or setting up a birthday or instant voucher, you can see a summary of the results in your dashboard by clicking on 'view statistics' next to the voucher.

How do my guests redeem their voucher?

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