In this article you can read everything about the birthday vouchers.

Examples of birthday vouchers:

Birthday voucher - Free dessert!

Birthday voucher - Cheers to that!

Birthday voucher - Birthday snack!

Birthday voucher - Birthday discount!

Birthday voucher - Free piece of cake!

Birthday voucher - 10% discount on an overnight stay!

Birthday voucher - A tasty snack for you!

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Below you will find all links of the images created with Canva. You can use or edit them by following these steps:

  1. Open the link

  2. Now the screen with the image opens

  3. Click on the pen at the bottom left of the screen. An account on Canva is required to download or edit the images. If you don't have this, no pen will appear when opening the link. This is free and you can create it via:

  4. After clicking on the pen there are 2 options. Click on 'use template'

  5. Now the screen opens where you can start editing

  6. Satisfied with the result?

  7. Click on the down arrow at the top right of the image to download the file.

Happy birthday!

Cheers to that!

Birthday snack!

Birthday discount!

Free piece of cake!

10% discount on an overnight stay!

A tasty snack for you!