Most people choose WiFi over their own mobile data plan; After all, consumption on a WiFi network costs them nothing. It is therefore important to promote the WiFi properly in order to collect as much user data as possible. Because the more user data you collect, the more guests you can keep coming back by sending a nice voucher or email. You can read below how you can best promote your WiFi.

Promotional material

By sticking stickers in the right places in your business, you visually draw attention to the WiFi. The menu is also a good place to draw attention to the WiFi. This can be done very subtly at the top of each page or only on the front or back.

If you need stickers, send a message by clicking on the icon at the bottom right. We will send you some different types of stickers right away.

Instant voucher

You set up an instant voucher once and our system will automatically send all your guests an email when they log in to your WiFi network. In this e-mail you can set a nice promotion to reward your guest for logging in to your WiFi.


You have an action every week; 25% discount on the sandwich of the week. This is often on a chalkboard. This is a discount for which you actually don't have to do anything, except to place the order of course. You can get a lot more out of this without having to sacrifice anything. Sounds good right?

  1. Create an instant voucher. In this you put for example; “Thank you for using our WiFi. As a thank you for this, you will receive a 25% discount on the sandwich of the week!'.

  2. For example, write on the chalkboard; 25% discount on the sandwich of the week when you connect to our WiFi. Check your email!'.

  3. One will now need to connect to the free WiFi to receive the discount. An action of just a few seconds for a hefty discount! However, this small action will provide you with customer profiles. Win win, right?

Click here to see how to easily set up an instant voucher.